Free online KS2/3 French & Spanish:  Listening/speaking + Reading/writing!

A Green Mouse takes its name from a French nursery rhyme, ‘Une Souris Verte’, and began with a set of song-recordings to give young English-speaking children accessible sing-along versions of traditional French and Spanish children’s songs.

This was followed by the creation of a large and increasing number of free educational video resources, often supported by worksheets or follow-up links and resources.

Aims:  To make access to manageable listening and speaking practice, linked to reading and writing, freely available to any interested student or teacher wherever they happen to be:
Resources for individual practice and/or use in class.
ALL images, recordings, videos and photographs are entirely the work and property of A Green Mouse.
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Online French and Spanish resources

French for Children
Spanish for Children
French Activities
Spanish Activities

Just two videos: Je veux, je peux, je doiswhich introduces modal verbs in French, and ¡Querer, tener, poder! in Spanish – include some acknowledged third party music, to set the football theme!

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