Ces, ses, c’est – A French grammar story ..!

KS2/3 French Grammar practice: Ces, Ses, C’est + demonstrative adjectives

The following words all sound the same but they mean different things:

1. CES = These/those:
‘Ces’ is a demonstrative adjective used with a noun in the plural to describe it by demonstrating it, ‘picking it out’! E.g. These apples (Ces pommes), Those people (Ces gens)

2. SES  = His/her/its:
‘Ses’ is a possessive adjective used with a noun in the plural to describe it by saying it belongs to a single person or thing. E.g. Her parents (Ses parents),  His cousins (Ses cousins)

3. C’EST = It is, this is, that is
C’est is formed from ’Ce + est’  -  Ce (this/that) + est (is)

Demonstrative Adjectives in French:
This/That = ce, cet, cette

    Use ce   with a masculine word/noun:  ce garçon –  this boy
    Use cet  if masculine word/noun begins with a vowelcet enfant – this child
    Use cette  with a feminine word:  cette fille  - this girl

These/Those = ces      

Here is some French listening/speaking practice, with subtitles, to practise the above grammar in context:  A story about worried parents and a chick learning to fly …!
Printed words in French available here:  Worksheet

KS2/3 French Audio Story


French for Children 

Youtube Channel:  A GREEN MOUSE

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