French holiday resource: Fire in the mountains!

Free French holiday resource (present tense)

A Green Mouse French - Holiday Resource!

KS3/4 French Resource: Fire in the Mountains

True story about a forest fire during a hot summer holiday.  How did it start?
Glass can magnify the heat of the sun and cause fires … or maybe a stray match, or a camp fire not extinguished properly or lit when the weather is too dry.  Human negligence is so often the cause of wild fires ..

Free KS3 French listening resource + follow-up exercises:

Transcript in French + Questions: French Worksheet
Transcript in English: English transcript

Phrases and vocabulary are listed below the videos.

1.  French Audio with French and English subtitles:

2. With French subtitles only:

3. With NO subtitles:


Useful French phrases & vocabulary included in the video: 

la plupart du temps    -   most of the time
tout à coup                -   suddenly
à cause de                 –   because of
au-dessus                  -   overhead, above
l’un après l’autre        -   one after the other
quelque part              -   somewhere
partout                      -  everywhere

les feux de forêt                  -   forest fires
l’incendie                             –  the fire
la foudre                              -  lightening
la négligence humaine          -  human negligence
les cigales                            -  the cicadas
un canadair                           –  a fire-fighting plane
un hélicoptère bombardier    -   a fire-fighting helicopter
vos déchets                           –   your rubbish

Faites attention à vos déchets!   Watch out with your rubbish!

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