French listening practice – le petit déjeuner (Food)

Food and Drink in French – Breakfast (Le Petit Déjeuner)

French teaching resource for children about a visit to France in time for breakfast as well as some interesting suggestions for breakfast at home to enthuse children and maintain their interest in listening to the French.

These are some of the French words and phrases covered in the videos below:
une gaufre (f)  -  a waffle
une crêpe (f)  -  a pancake
le beurre (m)  -  the butter
la confiture (f)  -  the jam
le yaourt (m)  -  the yoghurt
les céréales (f)  -  breakfast cereal
la boulangerie (f)  -  the bakery
Je voudrais un chocolat chaud  -  I would like a hot chocolate
Je voudrais un jus d’orange  -  I would like an orange
Il faut commander quelque chose  -  we need to order something
Qu’est-ce que tu aimes manger pour le petit déjeuner?  -  what do you like to eat for breakfast?

Examples of more food & drink resources:
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Youtube Channel:  A GREEN MOUSE

 1. Le Petit Déjeuner – Audio in FRENCH ONLY (see second video for audio in English)


2.  Le Petit Déjeuner –  Audio in French AND ENGLISH for extra support:


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