Je m’appelle Billy – Oral presentation practice …

French Conversation Practice

Describe your character, where you live, and what you like doing in French:
If you are learning French in school, at some point you will be asked to do an oral presentation about yourself.

Have a look at this French listening practice, in a visual context and with subtitles, to get some ideas!  Follow up words in French + questions:  Worksheet
A French character resource with a difference …   Billy describes himself, his likes and dislikes, his home and his family in FRENCH:

Je m’appelle Billy

For more support, here is the same video recorded in both French AND English. Join in and say the words aloud to practise French oral skills:



The above character description forms part of a collection of:  French stories
For quick access to all the free resources go to:
French for Children
Spanish for Children

Youtube Channel:  A GREEN MOUSE

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