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A Green Mouse French and Spanish

Free French & Spanish for children

French and Spanish listening/oral practice:
Stories, vocabulary, grammar, verbs and activities:
Audiovisual resources linked to transcripts, follow-up questions and grammar, to give students more practice and opportunity to develop oral and listening skills.
For use in class, homework (flipped learning), or independent revision and practice:
Free French for Children
Free Spanish for Children

The style of these French & Spanish resources is mainly geared towards children up to 13+ (KS2/3), but many are ambitious, not restricted by any particular test, and could offer helpful revision for older students:
E.g: FRENCH Food & Drink
SPANISH holidays: Past, Present, Future.

The stories help to encourage children at primary level, and offer ideas for stories they could make up themselves.
Eg: Maggie est coquine!    
¡Se llama Bugatti!

There are recordings of traditional French & Spanish songs for children under 7 to help young children with pronunciation & oral confidence:  A Green Mouse
French Songs   Spanish Songs

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EXAMPLES OF VIDEOS in French and Spanish:

Comparisons in French – Plus que: Transcript + Questions

Spanish Story: Maggie is Mischievous! Transcript + Grammar

Introduction to Ser & Estar: SOY v ESTOY - Transcript

French listening practice:  Food & Drink – Transcript + Questions

Le Corps – Parts of the Body in French:  Vocabulary

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French resources:
French for children
French Stories for kids
French Activities
Spanish resources:
Spanish for children
Spanish Stories for kids
Spanish Activities  

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