Spanish Food & Drink Resource

KS3/4 Spanish Food & Drink Resource
Spanish listening practice:  Challenging listening resource, with and without subtitles, which moves swiftly through different images of people socialising and enjoying themselves in different situations.  It includes lots of Spanish food vocabulary and a list of useful words to revise at the end of the video.
Pause and repeat as often as needed!
Questions & Answers - Eating out, going to a restaurant, barbecues, eating at home.
¿Te gustan las fiestas?     Do you like parties?
¿Te gusta salir a comer?  Do you like going out to eat?

a) Spanish Food and Drink Resource in Spanish with subtitles

b)  Food and Drink Resource in Spanish – NO subtitles

c) Food and Drink Resource with AUDIO & subtitles in Spanish AND English


Another Spanish Food resource is: Breakfast in a Hotel!
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For quick access to all the free resources go to:
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Youtube Channel:  A GREEN MOUSE

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