Spanish for children – Spring! The weather!

Spanish weather resource: Spring!

Free Spanish cross-curriculum resource: Short phrases about Spring and the variable weather, in context.  Spoken and written language presented together to invite students to look outside and take an interest in growing things and planting seeds.

Weather terms included:
¿Qué tiempo hace?  What’s the weather like?
Hace frío – it’s cold
llueve –  it rains
hay niebla – it is foggy
hace sol –  it is sunny

Adverbs used:
a veces  -  sometimes
todavía  -  still
de repente  -  suddenly
de vez en cuando  -  sometimes
a menudo  -  often

Youtube Channel:  A GREEN MOUSE

Cross-curriculum Spanish: La primavera – ¿Qué tiempo hace?

Spring! The weather! Audio in Spanish AND English:

The Spanish is spoken twice, the first time quite fast followed by the English translation, and then the words are repeated again in Spanish but more slowly.

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