Spanish story for kids – ¡Vamos a la peluquería!

Spanish listening practice for children:

This is a lovely story video about Maggie and Billy going to the ‘hairdresser’s(?) and having their hair cut!  Maggie is not keen …!

These are some of the verbs which appear:
estar (to be)
ir (to go)
regresar (to return)
durar (to last)
pelearse (to fight)
mirar (to look)
llegar (to arrive)
quejarse (to complain)
tratar (to try)
necesitar (to need)

Two versions to choose from.  The second offers more support in English:

 1.  Vamos a la peluquería – SPANISH AUDIO with English subtitles:


2.  At the Hairdresser’s in Spanish AND English for more support


For quick access to all the free resources go to:
French for Children
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  1. Jacqui Connolly says:

    Fastastic Video!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!!!!!!
    Jacqui great resource