Spanish Songs

Spanish Songs for Children

KS1/2 Spanish Songs

Spanish oral practice for kids

Spanish songs for English-speaking children to enjoy listening and singing along to Spanish early in life. All the songs have actions to join in with.
The aim, above all, is to help children to pronounce sounds in Spanish and exercise their vocal chords.
There is lots of repetition and the melodies and actions help the words to sink in.  Before long children should be singing along without even realising –  great for developing listening and oral skills.
Translations into English can easily be skipped when no longer required.

Listen FREE to this gentle Spanish lullaby and join in:

¡Mis Manitas!


For a free and friendly Spanish rap to teach children Spanish Vowel sounds: a, e, i, o, u, go to:
Spanish Vowels: Rap + Song

A CD version of this album with a printed word booklet and translations into English is available on:  and CD Baby:

Susie Mair: Spanish Songs For Kids: A Green Mouse


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